Bush Is Dead

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Bush Is Dead

OMG. The nightmare is over. I won't say the dream has begun. To awake is already an improvement.

On September 11, 2001 my life changed. After three days of shock, despair, dread, grief, I started to come back to life as a different person. Zombie or post-zombie, whatever I was, political ignorance was not an option.

Once the Bush Administration's angle on the amazing event became clear, insistent, inescapable, incontrovertible... I lost sight of the event. Joan Didion gave voice to this insidious usurpation of intellectual space. We're at war: we're expected to stop thinking.

Jean Baudrillard dared to write (in French, but it was translated) that the downing of the Twin Towers was a fantasy come true. To speak such heresy, to dare... I was mesmerized by the anti-heroism. He was right. There was something bloated and obscene about this country and/or our loss of identity in globablization's embrace.


Francisco Goya, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (1799), Prado, Madrid.

Alas, the criticism implicit in the sublime symbolism of flying commercial jets into a size-is-everything center of financial prowess wasn't allowed to surface and inspire correction. That's the trouble with terrorism. People do get the message, but rather than take it in, they entrench themselves deeper in the very behavior criticized.

George W. Bush, whether he colluded in that attack, or allowed it to happen, or gave Cheney free rein to create an event that would facilitate-via-terror the hostile takeover of the federal government by oh-call-them-fascists-and-be-done-with-it... GWB spun WTC straw into corporate gold at every opportunity, over the dead bodies of Iraq and New Orleans, and I've lost track of all the outlandish outrages accomplished on his watch, culminating in the destruction of the dollar. That last trick is so dizzying, no one's caught up with it.

And let's not forget he'd weasled his way into the White House to begin with by stealing the election! I don't say that to forgive the electorate. On the contrary, we let it happen, knowing full well it was not an expression of our will. We let him rip off democracy right under our collective nose. With our implicit consent.

That bastard showed us how feeble we are.

I was laid off because of 9/11 from my one decently paid journalistic gig, editor of Girlfriends. Luckily I'd bought an iBook (on the promise of a steady salary, ha ha) so I went online all day every day, compliments of unemployment insurance, sifting through the unbelievable exposés on the truly awful nature of this country's activities at home and abroad.

Leftists had known these things and chronicled them for decades, but increasingly, people who'd wanted to believe in the system were no longer able to lie to themselves and were instead turning their talent for detail to describing the scope of the American Disaster. I was horrified, mesmerized, intoxicated. I was sick with despair over what my country was doing to the world and itself.

I'd wept for the people of New York but I wasn't going to buy duct tape and plastic sheeting. I admired firefighters but I didn't think the terrorists were cowards. They'd sacrificed themselves for a cause they believed in. They were trying to tell us something about ourselves. Talk about your wake-up calls. HELLO.

So it was 9/11 and the knuckleheaded propaganda plus the wars that were really occupations and corporate giveaways plus the evisceration of the law of the land plus our indifference to anyone's suffering but our own plus... I'm sure there's more, but at Abu Ghraib I snapped.

George Bush said it: I was either for him or agin him. I was agin him and his ilk, his enablers, supporters, apologists. The greed, the cruelty, the lies, the smiles, the destruction, the wounds, the self-righteousness, the terror, the hatred, the stupidity, the waste... I've been gritting my teeth through the remainder of his tenure like a neverending season in Hell. Is he gone? Is he really gone?

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Erin Blackwell's picture

PICKLE i'll write another


i'll write another blog & we can start all over again on that one, okay? we can always drag miss green & baudrillard over, if need be.

bronniepickle's picture



Thank you for your kind words. You are quite the interlocutor yourself (I say since you wear a tie). I love our spirited exchanges but I'm afraid you may be trying to lull me into believing I have a rational mind or at least the mind of a French intellectual like Baudrillard (whose work I have not yet had the opportunity to read) before you jump off the ropes and deliver the knock out punch. First you'll have to wait until I exhaust my bag of wind...eventually. I hope you're patient.

Erin Blackwell's picture

wow ascent into the

wow ascent into the hysterical abyss, sports analogies in tow... brava!

if you read the baudrillard (it only takes about 4 or 5 times through to get wtf he's saying), his analysis of "the spirit of terrorism" is comforting at least in this: a rational mind (ok a french intellectual) is able to wrap itself around some excessively messy real-life trauma, including, yes, power's mysterious complicity in its own destruction.

might i say what a pleasure it is for me to have such a savvy interlocutrix? you bring out the concision-rationing in me.

that's a very awful/amazing anecdote re the DC BBQ. i don't know how mad i would've gone had i lived in manhattan. i know being a cozy 3,000 miles distant made a difference. i found a friend who did live through it did go a bit madder than she'd been before, traumatized on so many levels. death isn't the worst, neither is physical trauma, necessarily.

i had two experiences of metropolitan terror: IRA bombs in London & Basque bombs in Paris. the population's stiff upper lip, sang froid, demonstrated how people could handle themselves with the proper leadership. i expected that from us. instead we got jerry springer on crack, self-dramatizing emotionalism, crazy kid-stuff terror alerts and confiscated shampoo.

pickle, i must stop, i'm on the ropes.

bronniepickle's picture

I always enjoy your rare

I always enjoy your rare moments of shortness of concision. Do you perceive that I now transcend the limits of cold legal analysis into the abyss of "hysteria"? Before I proceed may I protest that the 911 civilian casualties were not merely "collateral" victims. They were the intended targets. The means to an end. To demoralize us and lure us into consenting to toppling our economy so that we would feel secure again.

I was in DC less than 1 mile from the Pentagon on 911. It smelled like a BBQ, people abandoned their cars on the highway outside of our hotel. I ran to the ATM to get every cent I could bcs I thought they would taint/paralyze our EFT system which would have toppled our economy. They didn't do it then but we've done it to ourselves. My friends and I who were there for a conference fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon emotionally exhausted and held captive in a hotel filled with terrified people. Witnesses. I was the first to awaken and my first terrifying thought was that they had unleashed some kind of poisonous gas bcs we were all passed out. I frantically woke everybody up.

We collectively as a nation became witnesses to the calculated attack against innocent civilians. "When will it happen to me???" The ultimate weapon. One of the judges in my courthouse brought a rope ladder to work to get out in case of an attack!!!! Hysteria & terror ~~that was the enemies' weapon of mass destruction. The media was unwittingly complicit in instantaneously allowing us as a nation to be terrorized by airing unrelenting grotesque horrifying images.

Yes, I agree with you, the enemy lies within, perhaps a consequence calculated by our elusive enemy from without. Allow us to defeat ourselves. A brilliant military strategy...cripple the top of the food chain (us) by provoking it (us) militarily, bloating our military budget exponentially to fight meaningless "wars" against made-up enemies making us more vulnerable than we were before. Bin Laden (if he exists) may have even anticipated that Bush would use 911 as an excuse to attack Iraq. If not, then providence smiled upon him when Bush irresistibly took us there.

We've spent trillions of dollars and stretched our resources to "fight" an elusive "weaker" enemy who may be waiting until we are fatigued and spent before they make their next move. Or maybe they'll just sit back and observe the implosion. Thank God Bush is gone.

"Over the hill" Muhammad Ali's "rope a dope" strategy in his fight against the highly favored George Foreman who far exceeded him in physical prowess is a perfect example of this. Ali, supposedly well past his prime, laid on the ropes for most of the fight and endured Foreman's body blows, goading him to hit him harder. Since Ali was lying back on the ropes, Foreman could not get a clear shot at his head. Foreman took Ali's bait for 8 rounds, punching him as hard as he could until Foreman became completely fatigued and disoriented. This is when Ali made his move in a blast of fury and knocked the mighty Foreman out cold.

lmz's picture



i didn't know when i wrote my apologies. To cheer you up : le très sérieux "valeurs actuelles" reported the rumor too ...

Steph H's picture



No need to apologise - regardless of the outcome!

lmz's picture

Steph and Erin Sorry Girls

Steph and Erin

Sorry Girls but it seems that Eva denied the "rumor" ...


Erin Blackwell's picture

LMZ the tone of the article


the tone of the article is cheeky, but the reporting is sound and accurate. this is a typical anglo-american style celebrity profile and better than most. it directly quotes EG on S & if it weren't accurate, the telegraph would've heard about it.

lmz's picture

erin and steph i do

erin and steph

i do apologize but we hear so many rumors about him
i didn't know she confirmed

(about the article, i think it sounds very much like a "gossip" not like an info)

Steph H's picture



Thank god - it was most unsettling to me that The Telegraph was being called into question!

Erin Blackwell's picture

LMZ — GOTCHA. eva green


eva green herself responds on camera to the sarkozy question. i saw it on the web. don't ask me where!

the telegraph is one of the most sure.

Erin Blackwell's picture

thank god there are no

thank god there are no military historians among us, only military hysterics.

you introduce "male" into the discussion & that's an underlying theme i pick up here, a dismissal of these male-identified acts of heroism as cowardice, brainwashed, selfish.

civilians, innocent and otherwise, have always suffered collateral damage, but something did change with the advent of bombs-dropped-from-planes. something changes again now with bombs-dropped-from-drones, or missiles-launched (see US in Pakistan). there's a heightened sense of immunity, impunity.

in ww2, we levelled dresden. can an entire city be a military target? hiroshima. nagasaki. no country in the history of the world has been so brutal.

there is a sense, when a great power is attacked, that any means are justified, the sides are so unevenly matched. didn't the british cry foul when the green mountain boys used guerilla tactics against their formal deployment in serried ranks? that was still soldier vs. soldier, but the first one to change the rules, wins. and it's usually the underdog because it's the only way they can win.

i'd feel differently about the WTC if it had remained a terrorist attack & not been promoted to war crime; had it been dealt with in a court of law; had the entire mystery of the US failure to respond in realtime to penetration of its airspace ("why weren't the jets scrambled?") been given the attention it screamed out for; had that sad, grotesque event not been engulfed in nonstop waves of avoidable, irrevocable horrors sloppily applied for years to mistaken targets, civilian and otherwise.

the official US interpretation of and reaction to the WTC usurped, sucked all tragedy out of it, made it a geopolitical football in the globalization wars, destroyed our credit in every sense of the word, and i guess, so numbed me to horror that the loss of those 3,000 lives in manhattan seems like not so big a deal. look at Iraq. we got off easy.

the injustice is too great. the injustice of the overreaction. there's something rotten exposed that precludes my indulgence in a "why do they hate us?" sense of outrage over the brainwashed selfishness of cowards who tried to stop us in our tracks.

the terrible thing is, they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. we've ruined this country. and it's unclear how well we've discerned, let alone learned, our lessons.

lmz's picture

christian martyrs don't

christian martyrs don't kill
that's a big difference !

lmz's picture

Erin, sorry for my

Erin, sorry for my english

sarko et carla déconnent tellement et aiment si peu mon pays (en tout cas celui que j'aime) que je me sens devenir plus patriote chaque jour ...

je pense que le "telegraph" n'est pas une source d'information très sûre : cette histoire à propos de sarko et eva green est une rumeur que personne ne vérifiera jamais. Les ragots ne sont pas nécessaires dans le combat politique.

bronwyn's picture

My comment wasn't meant as a

My comment wasn't meant as a legal commentary but a moral one. It predominantly alludes to the fact that Bush and Cheney, et al, have become the personification or perhaps objectification of the phrase "weapons of mass destruction".

Certainly every male dominated culture has celebrated war. However, even in war, we "civilized" folk, have determined that there are certain "rules" that should never be broken (which hypocritically are by routine). One of them is taking the initiative to kill innocent civilians or innocent unwitting soldiers in a bloodbath marketed as a war. Even Hitler cunningly realized this "rule of war" when he lied about Poland provoking Germany to justify his invasion of Poland. Eerily reminiscent of the letters "WMD" although now Cheney is brazen enough to admit that "WMD" was a hoax to begin with since "he" would have invaded Iraq whether or not he knew they existed.

I don't know of any war hero who, unprovoked, would feel proud of taking the initiative in killing 3000+ innocent civilians (911) and certainly not 100s of thousands (Bush & Cheney).

Taking such initiative whether by taking one's own life or by commanding others to risk or sacrifice their lives is the act of a sociopath not a war hero.

If the 911 hijackers did not voluntarily take the initiative to use themselves as lethal weapons then they are victims as well, not heroes.

Erin Blackwell's picture

YONKS, you're full of

YONKS, you're full of fascinating military tidbits.

similarly, our Civil War was full of guys pretending to shoot. so many of those soldiers had no food or uniforms or weapons to speak of. they weren't in killing mood. and of course they were facing literally often their brothers.

Erin Blackwell's picture

merci pour la distinction,

merci pour la distinction, yonks. distinctions.

(1) numbers & materiel matter. the british have their Charge of the Light Brigade & i ought to be able to name... Little Big Horn, one of the only times the US was outgunned by Indians in that immoral, unfair, lopsided contest.

(2) i love this: martyr, true hero, refuses to play the killing game. conscientious objector. and certainly those monks who set themselves ablaze during the Vietnam War. this is the traditional catholic understanding. how annoying of these arabs to change the game! so spectacularly! clearly, most readers want them DISQUALIFIED.

Erin Blackwell's picture

ah, the legal angle! we

ah, the legal angle!

we labelled the WTC attack an act of war, didn't we? isn't that why terrorists weren't tried in US criminal courts? there's no murder in war, although there are war crimes. and bombing 3,000 civilians would qualify. parallèlement, here's some argy-bargy about similar acts used by state & non-state actors:

humans transform themselves into objects all the time in order to get the job done. different objects, different jobs. as long as the human chooses her objectification, that choice merits respect as choice.

there are countless examples of heroes who have sacrificed themselves to destroy an enemy. until relatively recently, you couldn't lead a country unless you'd led an army. just because suddenly no one's willing to fight for free to defend the US doesn't mean we can denigrate the heroism of people willing to die & yes, to kill, for ideals.

bronniepickle's picture

To choose your own death

To choose your own death based on principle is noble. This choice has nothing to do with using one's life as a weapon to kill others.
To willfully choose to end one's life for the purpose of ending others' lives is murder (unless there is an immediate threat of death to others). One who makes such a choice objectifies himself so that even before death s/he is nothing more than a lethal weapon, an object. Even before death s/he ceases to be human...which of course means that anyone without duress who becomes an instrument of death to others needn't physically die to lose his/her humanity. The fact that the former is the bullet and the latter is the gun is irrelevant. They each equally cease to exist as human beings.

Erin Blackwell's picture

LMZ uncharacteristically,


uncharacteristically, i'm having trouble decoding your english. in your last two comments. could you please say it in french?

Erin Blackwell's picture

EG answered the question on

EG answered the question on camera, i saw it on the web.

Steph H's picture

It just goes to show, even

It just goes to show, even the "heavy weight" newspapers can't be relied on!

lmz's picture

really ! ... this news about

really ! ... this news about Eva Green and Sarko is only a rumor (i don't like Sarko but gossips are not necessary to fight)

Steph H's picture

I would say The Telegraph is

I would say The Telegraph is one of the better ones!

yonks's picture

yea but we have to fight on

yea but we have to fight on an equal level, otherwise we look like french at the azincourt battle. if you live on a base of inhumanity, you have to be ready for that inhumanity to hit you. But in another way, if inhumanity hit you, it acknowledge you to respond on the same level. for me, the martyr is the one who refuse to stand on the same level of inhumanity. Thats why the deserter became the modern martyr and the true hero (for me at least) BTW, Canada evict americans deserter of the Irak war.

theres a lot of complicated concept in that discussion, "immoral" do not mean cruel of inhuman,abortion can be considerate immoral. It means that hold form of morality do not answered anymore to the modern problems or for a modern understanding.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

lmz's picture

i thank Sarko and Carla

i thank Sarko and Carla !

they fuck up so much that i'm becoming a real patriot, now !

(i'm not sure of your source about Eva and Sarko, "the telegraph" is not the best paper in GB : we should ask Steph)

lmz's picture


yonks's picture

it was stupid, i erase it

it was stupid, i erase it

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

yonks's picture

Yea, i read Baudrillard

Yea, i read Baudrillard analyze and thats the weak point, he use the chaos theory to pretend that subversive elements just pop up randomly, but do they, average people, have a way to organize huge event even if they want to.

In 2001 in Quebec, during the "sommet des amériques" they arrest a group called Germinal with TNT but it appear that the leader and two other guy on 7 where GRC agent (gendarmerie royal du canada), they set up the plot and the poor other four guys paid and get arrest.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

yonks's picture

First, i'd like to said that

First, i'd like to said that i don't write much during the week cause i'm exhausted after my day work but i do read.

I think that your right about the debate, french resistant was also call terrorists during the ww2 so we always have to questioning easy concept. To make a proper mourning, you have to get trough.

Remember that in france we don't have the right to speak out loud, we can be accused of heinous incitations. witch is very funny when Le pen get accused but a little less when its music band. i'm sure that Dieudonné wouldn't have been so far if he was allow to speak out a little.

-Do not follow me, I'M LOST-

lmz's picture

really HARD ? i'm not sure

really HARD ? i'm not sure

Erin Blackwell's picture

TMFR (tu me fais rire!) you

TMFR (tu me fais rire!)

you know, i've tried HARD to change but... i don't think i CAN!

Fastgurrrl's picture



Fastgurrrl's picture

EB, great article on Eva. I

EB, great article on Eva. I really like her! =)

Erin Blackwell's picture

yes you've got Sarko, not

yes you've got Sarko, not amusing. except Carla. but they even make sex look bad. (you know Eva Green turned him down? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/features/3635644/Did-Eva-Green-say-no-to...)

i can't forgive Bush for making me hate my country for all the evil he/we did in the world & at home, for what we let ourselves become under him.

lmz's picture

please, don't change !

please, don't change !

Erin Blackwell's picture

gee, you make me feel... so

gee, you make me feel... so naïve

Erin Blackwell's picture

merci encore! c'est drole &

merci encore! c'est drole & voila encore les Twin Towers

Steph H's picture

Replying to Erin below I

Replying to Erin below

I don't mind being frenchified, I am not one of those rosbifs who pretends not to like the french!!

As for the blog report on the book - that would certainly be a challenge.


Dornac's picture


Dornac's picture

Yes, of course we produced

Yes, of course we produced our devils ("we" aka western people) in poor countries, and we still support many dictatorships.
"Boogeyman" for Bin Laden is a little light. His videos and threats are real.
Bush didn't purchase him.
I can imagine your pain during Bush's era and how people learned to shut up.
Perhaps I don't feel relieved because we have Sarkozy. Left wing, opposition seems weak in front of him.
Now quite all decisions he takes are against democracy, in education, in justice, in the media...
I just know that my taxes have increased and not my salary and these taxes will go into banks pockets, to repare what swindlers have done on the market (and... let them go on their island).

lmz's picture

Those guys are not

Those guys are not "peasants". They don't want to change the world. They don't resist anything. All these groups are linked with power here and there, states or intelligence services (in Algeria, Syria, Pakistan and so on). The personnal psychology of bombers is not important. Fucking slaves looking for fame and honour and ... money too (the Hamas give one million dollar to each family of "martyr", all terrorist all over the world are also racketeers...)

about the salon de thé. I don't know (i don't drink tea). But there's a "Breakfast in America" now rue des Ecoles ....

Erin Blackwell's picture


i'm also answering you here.

i don't think death ever goes out of style. that's what suicide bombers demonstrate. we HATE the lesson & we HATE their obstinancy in repeating it. the global ruling class wants it all without having to pay for it. let the peasants pay. let the peasants die, slowly, silently, of overwork & pollution. well, the peasants have bombs this time instead of pitchforks. it's messy.

and yes, the US is YOUNG compared to "Old Europe." our empire is the newest & currently in decline, we're going through various stages of decadence, at moments quite Viennese I feel. we only lack the pastries! and the waltzes...

speaking of which, do you know the salon de the on rue des ecoles, is it still there? dinky, they served viennoiseries.

Erin Blackwell's picture

DORNAC, i'm answering you

DORNAC, i'm answering you here because thread unravelled.

merci de me faire rire ("stockholm syndrome").

you're right, i'm obsessed with evil of America. i am. that's what this blog is about. i carry it under my skin like pus. my country has been held hostage not by Bin Laden for 8 years but by homegrown thugs who hate democracy, hate art, hate science, hate spirituality, hate Mother Nature & who have the biggest megaphones in the world to broadcast their lies, deceit, manipulation, self-serving scenarios unworthy of schoolyard bullies.

i'm not alone. the overwhelming sensation is RELIEF the bastard's gone. i'm not sure we could explain how AWFUL it's been.

as for cowardice, we've simultaneously suffered a legislative branch INCAPABLE OF RESISTING BUSH. what good are they? they ought to all be FIRED. they do not represent us except maybe on the most materialistic level: sucking down federal funds for lobbyists.

Bin Laden is some kind of boogeyman kept in play by Bush to justify domestic terrorism: stripping americans of constitutional protections, notably habeas corpus.

this is all entirely US-centric. do you think i know ANYTHING about middle east internal politics? the closest i got was the shah of iran, but that story was all about US INTERVENTION overthrowing a truly great leader, Mossadeq, and paving the way for islamic fundamentalists.

do i want to wear a burqa? no thank you. it'd look lousy with a tie.
do i want the US to be better than it is? yes. i'm hopelessly attached to this place on a molecular level.

lmz's picture

a beautiful book about fear

a beautiful book about fear ...

Erin Blackwell's picture

from DORNAC *** off topic but

*** off topic but very important**

No one seems to care, it’s incredible.

from moi:
i totally agree. those unbelievable threads. are there any web-heads out there who could capture that content & throw it in a bin somewhere, at least, for future posting?

Erin Blackwell's picture

oh heart of darkness. i know

oh heart of darkness. i know i need to read that. i started... once. joseph conrad's joan didion's fave & joan didion's MY fave. he's even denser than she is. very dense. good for you. maybe you could blog a book report for us slackers.

it's a pleasure to think along with you, but i realize perhaps it's Union Jane? or Union Jackette (or is that gallingly frenchified?)

lmz's picture

yes, Erin, maybe we don't

yes, Erin, maybe we don't want to recognise a part of ourselves in those "martyrs". Yes, western history is full of martyrs and heroes. May i say i hate that part of our "culture". It was a moment in our history. It's over, at least here in Europe. Two world wars and 60 million dead later, we know the price of life and death and the vanity of heroism. We know now the difference between heroes and victims. We know victims are just victims, nothing else.

Maybe, you Americans are still learning about...
hope you will never have such a price to pay .

Steph H's picture

I don't disagree with you -

I don't disagree with you - the behaviour of my "ancestors" was DEEPLY selfish in much the same way - and something I think about a lot - I am reading Heart of Darkness for the first time right now and it is brilliant but uncomfortable reading.

Thank you to you too for making me think harder than I have EVER thought before about so many things. Truly - you are making this Union Jack a rounder person.

Dornac's picture

Y es, I know he asks for

Y es, I know he asks for going beyond Good and Evil, I quoted him ("...cowards..."also in order to recall that he ALSO shows that's it's not fair (question of being fair is a question beyond Good and Evil), and that each one is involved in war with his own weapons.

But you seem to judge America as the Evil.
Are you really beyond good and evil, Erin, or

do you have stokholm syndrom?

Don't tell me that Bin Laden wants democracy.

I am ok to think about all of that beyond good and evil.
But if ever I have to face a choice between America and Bin Laden, I choose America.

Now catholic martyrs WERE NOT KILLING OTHER PEOPLE !

Bin Laden and Al Qaida are not the only holders and owners of Islam and Arabian culture, please!!!

How many people died in Middle East to save their own culture against fanatics?
Do you think that islamists are saving arabian and muslims culture? NO, on the contrary!!
Look : Afghanistan, Algeria during FIS government, Irak, Iran...
And I forgot all persecuted women.

*** off topic but very important**

No one seems to care, it's incredible.