Obamanation Countdown

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Obamanation Countdown

Obama embarked on his Whistle Stop Tour beginning in Philadelphia and stopping in Wilmington to pick up Biden.

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CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

Okay, you see a need not

Okay, you see a need not being met, in this case many people without heat in Chicago. What are YOU going to do to meet that need?

I saw hundreds dying on our nation's highways because there weren't enough resources. I took time off from work to get the specialized training in dealing with major incidents and disasters, and later began training others to do the same thing when I found out there weren't enough instructors. I saw a need, and have ever since done what I could to meet it.

A couple calls a radio program and tells of the hardship they're under, and how they will miss Thanksgiving with their children because they couldn't afford the gas to get home and see them, and then get back for work the following day hundreds of miles away. A trucker then calls. He is nearby, and goes above and beyond to help the homeless couple get cleaned up, make sure their car is safe to drive, they have enough for gas to get there and back. He even gives them a few extra dollars to get a couple of Christmas presents for their children. He saw a need, and did what he could to meet it.

Neither I nor the trucker blamed anyone for what we saw, we just went about meeting the needs we saw, on our own, without any help. None of us who do this expect anything in return, except maybe a "pay it forward" mentality to grow out of it. We donate our money, our time, whatever we can to make the world a little bit better for total strangers who we may never ever see again.

I tell you this for a reason. What are you doing to meet the need you cited above?

Anyone can complain, place blame, what have you. It takes a special sort of person to actually do something about it without any expectations that others will join in helping. Those who expect others to do all the work for them usually end up very disappointed. You want the job done right, you've got to do it yourself.

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People are expecting far too

People are expecting far too much from Barack Obama. Much of this can be blamed on all the media hype that surrounds him, but at least part of it is our own fault. We simply do not have realistic expectations of Obama, who in the end is just another politician, just another human being who talks a good game, has some great political skills, and who probably has unrealistic expectations of himself and this nation as a whole.

The fact remains that this nation is in very serious trouble on many levels. The last time our nation was in this much trouble, it took FDR 4 terms, and the rest of his life, to fix most of the problems. Truman would carry on that battle, and even Eisenhower did his part.

I do not expect much from Obama, at least nothing beyond pointing us in the right direction and laying the foundation for a lasting peace, prosperity, and equality for our nation and the world. It will be up to all of us to stay on the path Obama sets, to keep him on the path, and to build upon the foundation, to make this nation and our world the kind of place most of us wish it to be.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

You ready?

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The question is: Will it

The question is:

Will it ever be over? He asks for more money weekly. He never has enough.

Millions and millions of dollars down the drain while thousands in Oblahma's Chicago try to survive the winter without heat.

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I had a conversation with my

I had a conversation with my sister this morning about how over-the-top the Obama worship has gotten and how the media feeds into it. Wise person that she is she simply laughed and said, "It's to be expected. When things are bad in America and the morale is very low, Americans need a hero to look up to. Plus the media has taken the historic significance of the first African-American president and blown it to outrageous proportions because it brings viewers."

I'm not watching most of the events, but I will tune in to Rick Warren just out of sheer fascination with what he is going to say.

As for Obama bringing change, of course he will. When things are this bad, anything and anyone would bring about change. I'm confident that he will have good plans for the economy (he has a good team of advisors), good plans for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (again with good help) and good plans for energy alternatives and the environment and education (with help).

And he will fall short in some areas and make mistakes. He's human.

xoxo - PK

"Fight Prime Time. Read a Book"

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All in all a nice speech, but

All in all a nice speech, but on line caught me, "Our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come not from our laws, but from our maker."

I hope the hairs on the back of my neck are being overly diligent.

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I'll be glad when it's all

I'll be glad when it's all over... :???:

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Lucia, right on, I am right

Lucia, right on, I am right there with you. Smile

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I am hoping for a life

I am hoping for a life altering experience once he takes office and we see some positive results. Not downplaying, just hoping!!

Smile...life is good!!!

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Hey, Crash! Hope you and

Hey, Crash! Hope you and yours are doing well! xo

Twitter Time @kdhales

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been watching the train ride

been watching the train ride all day.. and the coming "obamanation" as well.. nice title Smile gosh, it makes me excited! and not in an *excited* Wink kind of way.. he's inspiring! and exciting! can't wait for him to take the oath on Tuesday...

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From a rhetorician's

From a rhetorician's standpoint, I can't wait to hear his address. His victory address on Nov 4th was more of an inaugural than victory speech so I'm going out on a limb and predicting that his Inaugural will be more like a State of the Union Address. I suspect there will be more policy discussion than any other Inaugural address.

"When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will." ~ Pollyanna

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"Independence from small

"Independence from small thinking."


Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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If his inauguration speech is

If his inauguration speech is more inspiring than this one, we are in for a life altering experience....

"People of common hopes",


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