Boob Tube: Icky Ikkis

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Boob Tube: Icky Ikkis

Believe it or not (Okay, I believe it.), I am still watching the horror show that is MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. And lemme tell ya… the pseudo-bisexual Ikki twins have officially worn out their welcome. For the life of me, I can’t remember which one is Rikki and which one is Vikki; I just know there is the one who cries a lot and one who's mean.

I must say, it’s impressive that MTV found not one, but TWO people able to out-do the likes of Tila Tequila when it comes to behaving badly. The biggest jaw-dropper moment this week was when Crying Twin flew into a rage and pushed Mean Twin out of her chair in the middle of an argument about which girl to kick out for Elimination. Ah, the bonds of sisterly affection. Someone needs to teach them the lesbian bro code: sisses before misses, ladies!


This is it, people. The Maddow has truly arrived! Nevermind the through-the-roof ratings, exclusive interviews and general acclaim… all of that pales in comparison to being immortalized in pop culture history. That’s right, Boob Tubers, our very own Rachel Maddow was spoofed last weekend on Saturday Night Live. And in the opening teaser sketch no less. Admittedly, the sketch itself was kind of retarded (Gay-baiting humor is like, SO hilarious in 2009, y’all.), and the impression less than spot on. (I suspect SNL cast member Abby Elliot watched all of five minutes of Rachel’s show to prepare.) But still… I got to turn on my TV and see my McDreamy parodied on a show I have been watching since I was 5. That was kind of rad.

Congratulations to cheftestant (and lesbian heartthrob) Jamie of Top Chef for breaking her season-long losing streak with two consecutive elimination round wins this week and last! I’m nervous, though. Bravo has been running footage of the fight between Jamie and Stefan as a promo for future episodes all season. So up until said fight actually aired this week, I could always rest assured that Jamie wasn’t going to be eliminated in any given episode, because I hadn’t seen it yet on the actual show! But now? Come next Wednesday evening, it will be back to the edge of my seat. Teeth will be gnashed. Hair will be pulled! (Ooh. That was a little bit hot.) I have faith in her,

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[...] Congratulations to

[...] Congratulations to cheftestant (and lesbian heartthrob) Jamie of Top Chef for breaking her season-long losing streak with two consecutive elimination round wins this week and last! I’m nervous, though. Bravo has been running footage of …[Continue Reading] [...]

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

"sisses before misses" You

"sisses before misses"
You are a crack up.
I don't buy that either twin is bisexual and as far as telling them apart, I like the one who pulls her hair up.

Julia Watson's picture

It's really not the same as

It's really not the same as it used to be, but I still want to know what in the hell is up with the damn island! Plus, I heart the characters.

Julia Watson's picture

Minnie, m'dear, I felt like I

Minnie, m'dear, I felt like I needed to wash out my soul after watching A Double Shot at Love this week.

J's picture

This is a test

This is a test

Xanadu's picture

I'm really surprised that

I'm really surprised that LOST is still going. Everyone I know, who were die-hard fans in the beginning (including myself) - no longer watch.

Robin Rigby's picture

See, this is why I stopped

See, this is why I stopped watching SNL. Much as you younger folks seem to think that it was hilarious in the 80's & 90's and occasionally still today- it hasn't been funny since the original cast. Okay, with the exception of Tina Fey's Sarah Palin.

I'm looking forward to the season premiere of The Closer and of seeing what happens in the only lesbian relationship on network TV these days (I think, let me know if there's others)- Angela & the artist who's name escapes me on "Bones". They never really show the artist chick, but at least Angela talks about her and Angela's smoking hot, so it mostly just takes place in my imagination. Smile

Not2Taem's picture

That SNL skit is whack. Very

That SNL skit is whack. Very disappointing.

crashboom's picture

the snl skit was hilarious!

the snl skit was hilarious!

minniesota's picture

Speaking of MTV's Real World,

Speaking of MTV's Real World, I caught one of the cast members from the first season (how long ago was that?), Eric Nies, on VH1's "Confessions of a Teen Idol." He's a kook.

I'm rooting for Jamie on Top Chef but I've taken a shine to Carla, not necessarily because she's a great cook, but because she seems to have a good heart.

The premiere episode of Battlestar Galactica was superb. Lucy Lawless fans get a double scoop of her now on BSG and the last season of the L Word.

Counting down the days until LOST.

Julia, do you feel that you need to wash your eyes out after watching, A Double Shot of Love?

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

CA_Medicine_Woman's picture

BSG opened Season 4.5 last

BSG opened Season 4.5 last night. I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. Suffice to say, it was one seriously dark and emotionally intense episode.

While I'll likely pass on TLW this season, I decided to keep Showtime a little longer to check out US of Tara. It looks to be quite the exploration into the human psyche, including tackling touchy issues like gender and sexuality.

I saw the SNL skit that lampooned Maddow, Burris, and Blagojevich. It was tasteless, lacked creativity, and a bit offensive on several levels, not to mention overtly sexist, racist, and a bit homophobic. I suspect not many found it funny. Even the laughter in the studio audience was more of a nervous laughter than anything else. I don't think the writers intended any malice per se, they just seriously lacked in skill or talent.

One very well done CSI episode this week was "One To Go," in which the character Gil Grissom (William Petersen) leaves CSI, this time for good. They wrap up the long running "Dick and Jane" case, and Grissom offers his job to Dr. Ray Langston (Lawrence Fishburne). Fans of the scientific whodunit genre will like this one.

House returns to Fox on Monday, but I'll still have to wait nearly another month for Terminator: The Sara Conner Chronicles.

Catch the good shows while you can, as Viacom, GE, Disney, and Fox all plan to begin wrapping up scripted serials and replacing them with unscripted reality shows. This process may speed up a bit, as last I heard the Screen Actors Guild still has no contract, and there appears to be dissent within the union itself. Plans for a January strike are on hold, and there seems to be a plan to first vote up or down the current contract offering. More than a few members are thinking it is better to be working right now than not working, especially in this economy.

Rumor has it MSNBC is offering free tickets to see the Obama Inauguration, albeit it live in 27 theaters across the US. I do not know if tickets are still available, or where the showings will be. I quick skimming of the web site did not offer any clues, so if you have time and want to see it this way, head for and begin the hunt.

Tex's picture

"It was nice to see a story

"It was nice to see a story about the struggle of the older queer generation on network TV, though, so I guess I can forgive them the corniness." Wink Thank you.....

Keith and Rachel are hitting their strides - two of hours of tv I don't dare miss....

Have a great weekend.

Dislike corn,


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