The L Word 512 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 3/28/08

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Happy Easter, everyone. I know I wanted to celebrate the day babies look for chocolate eggs in the bushes by watching the season finale — with my mom. Yup, that's right folks — I watched this episode at my childhood home with my mom sitting next to me. THE WHOLE TIME. She just wouldn't let me leave, something about spending quality time together as a family or something. And I had thought the show was gonna be crazy!

Lez Girlz, at the helm of their gross and hideous new director Adele, has gotten major distribution- the only hiccup? Lesbians aren't relate-able enough and they want the movie's ending to change. Apparently a lesbian film only works if the girl goes back to the boy in the end. What!?

Tina and Bette are discussing their lives, and living situations, while sitting through the ONE thing all Los Angelians can relate to: traffic! Maybe the movie should end like that instead?

Helena's Mummy arrives on a stretcher on the top of a building with her assistant IRIS in tow! Coincidence? I hope not. Apparently, Mrs. Peabody is dying from a crazy ass jellyfish sting. I guess that a little poison was all Mrs. Peabody needed to begin to be a good mother. Giving advice and showing some actual maternal feeling, when she suggests that Helena buy The Planet, and SheBar. Throw the money around, H, flannel in no way suits you. Sides- what's else is money for, if not to bail out your friends in tight spots.

Shane seems to have fallen for this one, hook, line, and sinker ladies — exploring her newfound passion for photography by snapping some shots of Molly, before ruining some good ol' morning wood, by reminding Molly that they have breakfast plans with Phyllis. FUN. Just what I want to talk about while naked with my girlfriend: My mom. *Who just looked over my shoulder and wants everyone to know — that she doesn't want me to talk about her while I'm naked either.* Thanks, Mom.

Breakfast turns out to be an ambush double date with Phyllis and Joyce guiling Molly about the Supreme Court internship. Looks like Phyllis isn't taking Molly's new life choices lightly... careful Shane — I don't see the vice chancellor of a University giving up easy.

Alice and Tasha are making coffee and silent awkwardness instead of sweet