The L Word 510 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 3/12/08

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Go Pink Ride! Breast Cancer is real girls, so wake up and smell the product placement!  And listen,  I'm grateful for those charities who raise awareness about this horrific disease as much as the next woman, so lets get serious folks- its something that affects all of us with vajayjays, and the ones we love with vajayjays- so GET ON THOSE MAMAGRAMS!

At the start of the race, Tasha reconnects with her “old school” Coco girls and makes Alice jealous in the process. Alice isn't so freaked out though- with Tash in “wifey” mode, staying home and keeping house, I'm pretty sure that Tash isn't going anywhere soon....especially cause the word on the street is- she's gonna ask to move in. What with Tasha not having a job these days, I'd want to move in with my TV maven girlfriend too!

Tina says NO, NO to Jenny and Niki's VERY PUBLIC PDA, made only worse by the fact that Niki keeps getting recognized every five seconds. Yup, I totally agree that going to a Breast Cancer bike ride with your girlfriend will keep your lesbo profile low. Good thinking Nikki and people say you're not smart Smile

And guess who shows up before the race begins?  MOLLY!!!! Molly flies halfway up the coast to convince Shane to give her another chance and to convince her that she's more than her uneducated fuck buddy tutor into the gay world.  GO BOOBS! I keep telling you Shane, you just can't give it to a girl and expect her to go away.

Mid-ride, Bette finds Tina and begins to tease her about her bike uniform, while Tina asks Bette to keep their tryst quiet.  Secret lovers. That's what's up. Although T, I agree, what would telling Jodi do except make her feel pretty crappy? Better keep it on the DL as long as you can.

And Shane keeps pedaling away from Molly who just won't give up. Its so  “Say Anything,” I kinda can't stand it. They race: winner either gets to explain or goes home. Guess who wins by an “I love you” fake out? MOLLY.  Molly “gay 101” convinces “graduate school gay” Shane to give her another chance providing Molly stops wearing pink, and shuts up and kisses her Smile I really hope you don't fuck this up Molly. All signs point to Shane actually falling for this one, kids. Uh oh.