The L Word 508 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 2/24/08

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Hello Ladies! Technically this recap could have happened last week. Why, you ask? Because Showtime and OurChart teamed up to be awesome and stream this episode, that's why! Now, I know what you're thinking, “then why didn't we get our recap sooner-rather than later, Iris?”. Well- ladies, because I wanted to give you the unedited for content/time and boobies version — that's why! I am that committed to boobies — I mean you guys. I totally meant you guys.

We open this weeks episode, with the first couple of minuets of Nikki's new hot blockbuster, “Liquid Heat”. Unfortunately for Nikki's agent — nobody wants to talk about the movie. Instead they want to talk about the pictures of Nikki and Jenny wrestling at SheBar that are plastered on all the tabloid covers. There's talk of pulling Nikki from the film if you don't do something Tina. Think. Tina. Think. What you need is a publicity stunt at Nikki's premiere. Like having a hot, totally “fuckable” guy to go on Nikki's arm. What you need a dick that everybody likes: insert the actor playing “Jim”, Greg.

Shane and Jodi train for the Subaru Pink Ride, and talk about all the SUPER fun things that they DON'T have in common — so instead they talk about Molly (who Jodi has a theory about: Molly might just be a “spaghetti” girl — straight until wet). Interesting theory, Jodi but Molly ain't wet yet. She might just get that way if you invited her and Shane to a dinner party. What's that? You need another couple? Who else can you think of... hmmmm... Shane knows! Invite Tina and Sam (the DP of Lez Girlz). Just what the doctor ordered. Your ex and her new girl friend having dinner with your current girlfriend, your current girlfriend's ex and her new girlfriend. So much FUN! (Someone get me a pair of scissors, I'm gonna need to stab my eyes out!)

Back at Lez Girlz land — Jenny's being oh so professional! Just watch her be professional. And delegate responsibility. And pick out colors. And ignore Tina. And console her crying underage girlfriend who has to take midget actor boy Greg to her movie premiere. And flip out on agents who have snot in their noses. Jenny. There are some times when you have to pick and choose