The L Word 507 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 1/22/08

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A note before the recap this week. Nobody just goes ** Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling.” NOBODY. Seriously, if you've just read this and said to yourself, “I'll just go Lesbian Turkish Oil Wrestling”—then check your pulse and look in the mirror, cause you're probably a figment of someone's imagination. [** ed note see below. ]

Ok, now for those of you who are actually living in the real world. Lets begin! Here we are on the set of Lez Girls getting a “behind the scenes” view can somebody please tell the EPK kids to get all the fabulous footage of Nikki and Begonia(a.k.a. Mariana) fighting diva style!

Don't worry Tina, producer at large, has everything completely under control, by kicking the extra film crew out. We wouldn't want any bad press about the Lez Girls super hot star floating around now would we? Better hurry there Adele (who by the by has suddenly dropped her shyness along with her glasses and target jeans) and start confiscating “the lesbian oil wrestling” propaganda at SheBar tonight. Too bad Adele didn't get rid of all of them. Nikki found one. OH NO! Tina is so right when she says “Nikki is like a puppy”— easily distracted and very VERY eager.

So eager that she can't wait to have her lunch time fuck with Jenny—or to tell her that she loves her. Oh Jenny... and things were going so well. The last thing you need right now is a 5 year old who isn't even out saying she loves you and wanting to have your kids. Good thing her attention span is about as long as a commercial spot. Perfect response to “I love you” ever: I'm gonna give you a hickey.
Nice move Jenny. Distract her, and maybe she won't remember she said it at all. Unless you want her to, that is.

Back on base—big wig, Col. Davis (Kelly McGillis) shows up with a huge attitude and a killer tract record. Despite a small bonding, “I'm a women, you're a women” moment. Col. Davis gives Tasha the big ol' shut down as soon as Tasha mentions her case. I guess its gonna take a little bit more than doing her heavy lifting to get her to calm down, there Tasha. I'd try flowers, chocolate, a vibrator. You know the usual please don't persecute my case gifts. But if that