The L Word 505 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 2/7/08

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Let it be known that I will do quite a bit for my job. I stopped watching, and made my friends stop watching the Super Bowl ( insert “ooo” noises here). They watch for the game, I watch for the commercials. And if no one saw the baby trading stock—YouTube that, for serious. But after the way last weeks episode left off there was no way I couldn't watch. That and I get paid to watch. The show. Not other stuff...never mind.

Art imitates life this episode as we start off by getting introduced to the ladies playing our ladies within “Lez Girls” ( are you dizzy from the meta yet? No? Just wait!) Oh actors. Oh table reads. Oh crazy ass Jenny. Sounds like the makings of one helluva movie if you ask me.

Random awkwardness between Bette and Tina who apparently didn't do anything but make out with each other at She Bar (sadness) and have not seen each other since either (also pretty sad.) You can't attempt to be evolved and then ignore each at the same time. You're not Sophomore's in college girls, you can't just “talk when you talk.” You have a baby together, ya dig? You've got to talk about it sometime. And for once I support Bette's over analyzing methods to just put it out there, sooner rather than later.

Alice sees the “sneaky fag” basketball player who she took a picture of kissing an equally “sneaky fag” on TV proclaiming for all the hear his straight-ness and his overwhelming ignorance. Alice's got her panties in a knot over this one. Good thing you have that illegal video you took and a girlfriend who un-knowingly gave you the nudge you needed. I know, why don't you just make a lesbo land pod cast and tag the self-hater? Then all you'll have to do is wait for the shit to hit the fan. Don't worry I give it till lunch.

Shane you and “lover Cindi” are getting flirty over caffeinated double entendre at the newly-newly renovated SHE BAR. It just opened and already its remodeling, using Kit's ideas no less! All I'm saying is that overuse of the word muffin isn't sexy, its just corny. I know you just got back on the horse Shane, but couldn't you wait to