The L Word 503 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 1/22/08

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First of all I have to preface this recap saying that Showtime’s programmers sure know how to give a girl one hell of a buzz kill. Here I am all tuned up and ready before the television waiting with glee and anticipation for episode 3, named after Sir Walter Scotts famous poem (what, I read). When what movie do I see-but the GREEN FUCKING MILE! Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind thinks that watching Ving Raimes get electrocuted and an old guy live forever is gonna put me in the mood to watch some hot lesbians have sex and be dramatic? Seriously, no I’m really asking.

Thank goodness for Molly Fisher, the fabulous winner of the fan contest who wrote a killer scene to perk my spirits right back up with her Charlie’s Angels inspired dream sequence. Or Bev’s (aka Bette’s) Lesbians, I should say. In, what apparently is Alice’s dream about Jenny’s movie (see the tie-in there, nice huh?) Bev’s lesbians are sent on their heroic mission to “discover mystery woman’s” sexual orientation with their killer hair and gay-dar ray guns. A big thank you to Miss Fisher also for letting me see Leisha Halley run without a bra, and for her gay-dar reading say she still is (at least somewhere) a bisexual. Thank you. But if we could never see Tina in Drag as a man again, that might not actually be too soon.

Our regular episode opens with Tina and Alice walking into what must be the ONLY gym in Los Angeles—not only is Shane working out with a vengeance—but so is Jenny and her newest appendage, Adele. Shane’s decided to go cold turkey from all sexual behavior and become gangsta in the process. Two min after proclaiming women are trouble she then “pounds” fists with a random male extra calling him “homie.” Oh yes Shane, you are so street, way to keep it real for all us other skinny white girls.

I agree with you Tina, “There’s something wrong with that girl.” That girl being Adele. Jenny if you keep up with this co-dependent behavior Adele is gonna have to wipe your ass soon. We end the girl’s workout with talk about everyone biking in the Pink ride together as “team Dana.” Do I sense a cute bonding activity and maybe, even possibly reconciliation between Jenny and the other gals? Or

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retraction, ED NOTE * "it was

"it was Micheal Clark Duncan that stars in the Green Mile. not Ving Raimes"

Iris McQuillan-Grace's picture

ERIN! Thank you for brining

Thank you for brining that to my attention, by the time I noticed my own mistake it was on the site. Forgive a girl with no copyeditor and a short deadline?
I will ask my editor for a retraction!
Also thank you for agreeing with me, girls like that Smile

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i aree w/ what you're saying

i aree w/ what you're saying but, for the record, it was micheal clark duncan that stars in the gree mile. not ving raimes

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I agree.... I mean I guess it

I agree.... I mean I guess it was good for Shane's personal development not to have sex for an episode...but who else am I supposed to take notes from... Bring back the nookie!