The L Word 502 recaps by Iris McQuillan-Grace 1/19/08

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One questions ladies: Ready to get caught up?

“More lesbian Sex! I want more!” Let it never be said that The L Word won't give you words to live by. This episode opens with just such a moral: “More Lesbian SEX! I want MORE!” See—TV can be fun and educational.

Next we see my two favorite feuding lesbians pitching ideas and pitching fits over silly fantasy romances (remember those wonderful “what-ifs” I predicted?). Well if the vision of Bette and Shane or Bette and Helena hooking up isn't enough to be frightening and hilarious-then I don't know what is. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the image of Bette and Helena's violent make out session out of my head. By the way—NOT HOT—in case you were wondering. Actually it was kinda like watching lions mate, and that's not sexy, that's scary.

Shane gets a last min job to work her hair magic and her mojo for the bridal party of Mr. Hallsey's ( AKA “monsieur's”) daughter's wedding. I know lets put the sex crazed hairstylist with three half naked ladies...that SO makes sense. Did I mention that lady number three was the bride's mother?!
How does that phrase go again: “Once you go Shane you never go back?" Must be why the girls are so hard to let you go, chasing you out of the house, down the street and vandalizing your property. Whatever it is you got Shane, you should bottle it and then sell to help rebuild WAX!

Complete and Random Side Note: Why is it everyone who are not gay, stupid on this show? Honestly who says gay people “pretend” to be married? Not everyone in LA could possibly be THAT ignorant, right?

Back at the Planet Tina is trying (and failing) to get back on the horse, move on with her life and all that self-affirming crap. But T, if you could maybe not make it so painfully obvious to your dates that you're still in love with your baby momma then maybe it wouldn't be so weird for you when they run? Just a suggestion. Probably best that it didn't go so well—you've got a wedding to go to. Wouldn't want to keep monsieur Hallsey waiting! Wouldn't worry about being late though, the bride's nowhere to be found, where's Shane? SHANE!

Not to worry, Shane keeps the wedding on track