The L Word 406 recaps Janine Avril

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406b.jpgSunday ep 406.

I have to say that my favorite part of episode 406 is when poor James (the secretary) is simply telling Bette that she has a phone call and her response is “Fuck you James. Just fuck you!” This guy has followed her from one job to the next and sucks up all of her abuse. It's really become kind of hysterical and a reversal of typical gender roles. For years it was the male boss exploiting his female secretary; now it’s the lesbian boss busting around the helpless male secretary. Total payback from a gender perspective. From a humanitarian perspective: poor James! My favorite line from the episode is when Tina tells Bette, “I’m not going to let your overachieving psycho dysfunction stress out our kid before she is three.” Did anyone notice, though, that whenever Tina talks to Bette it starts out in this haughty, aggressive tone which has become really predictable and annoying? I think Tina has become a very one dimensional boring character although I agree that sending her child to an IVY League nursery school is unnecessary and Bette is being over the top again.

Yet Bette does a nice job of setting Angus straight. I have no respect for him anymore. I had naively bought into his undying passion for Kit and actually thought it had some true substance, but now I see that he is just another scumbag among many others. I hope he leaves the show, so I don’t have to look at him anymore and contemplate what a slimeball he is.

I like that Bette is taking on a new role with Jodi. This is a good portrayal of the fact that women can play totally different roles in different relationships. With Tina, Bette was much more the top. With Jodi, she is more vulnerable. Jodi has a stronger personality. Jodi brings out a new part of Bette which is refreshing to see. The Alpha Bette got on my nerves and we needed to see more dimensions of who she was which I think is being achieved quite well.

Shane is honest with Jared’s mom that she is an emotional basket case. She’s proving to be a better parent than romantic partner. The concern and dedication she feels for Shay is very endearing and opens up her character as well. She cares much more about him than modeling fashionable underwear which makes everyone look “Very Shane Today.”

Jenny makes a royal ass of herself again with the stunt to get in bed with the vagina wig’s veterinary girlfriend to prove to herself that the vet isn''t a saint. When Stacey walked in that hotel room, I was cringing in embarrassment for Jenny. I feel sorry for Mia Kirschner for having to play this ridiculous character. She deserves much better.

And nice completely stereotypical representation of Hispanic girls getting into an out and out cat fight. (Poker game, Alice’s apartment) Unfortunately Alice gets a black eye. Tasha almost leaves her at this hospital when she becomes condescending about the Iraq war. I’m sorry but I just don’t see a match between these two. It feels very forced to me. I also feel the sudden friendships between members of different social groups is totally forced so that The L Word doesn’t look like just a show about some pretty, white chicks. Tasha is a fascinating character though; I am excited to see how she develops, with or without Alice using her as a portal…