Musicians discuss the IMA, June Millington and Ann Hackler

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I remember when June first began dreaming about IMA and, being a dreamer myself, I know about dreams-come-true. She and Ann have realized this dream over and over-raising money, raising musical souls old and young, finding new talent, helping establish a multi-generational atmosphere of learning and big, big, fun! Over the years, I've witnessed the growth of this dream into a reality, but it never has lost its dreamlike quality, especially as new, young women find their way into its embrace and emerge changed... forever. June is a kick-ass musician and a fine teacher, and because family is all-important to her, she continues to create that tribal feeling everywhere she goes, with ever the eye for the generations to come. I'm proud to be associated with June and Ann and the IMA dream.

When I was about 14, I worked as an intern for a women's production company in Washington D.C. called Roadwork that was producing a Cris Williamson concert. This was a huge deal because Cris was traveling with a band, a truck full of gear and roadies. Playing guitar that night was June Millington. I did not know who she was, but she had long hair and played loud, funky and hard like all Rock Gods should. After the show I was introduced to her and then she could not get rid of me. She came back to D.C. soon after that with Holly Near. She was producing Holly's Fire In The Rain record and doing some shows with her. She showed me how to play her song "Make It Your Own Way." That lesson helped set a foundation to the style of guitar playing I play to this day. Soon after, I received cassettes in the mail of each step of her working on Holly's record. I produce artists and those tapes set the foundation of how I produce to this day. From then on, June has sent me recordings of her work so that I might learn how to be a better musician. I don't know if she realized it or if she just did it because she is cool, but I am so grateful. When she hooked up with Ann, I felt June had finally found her partner in every way. Ann is smart, courageous and patient. She blends administration with creativity...